The Mass Amusement EP

by Sam Gleason

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This album was made strictly for the purpose of having a marketable repertoire under my belt. The title track was written as a mockery of the side of the music industry that focuses more on profit than artistic expression. So, in a way, it is also a mockery of the rest of the songs on this EP.


released January 4, 2015

All tracks written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Sam Gleason
Will Hahn on drums for tracks 1-4
All other instruments played by Sam Gleason
Album photography by Leanne Jamroga circa 2010


all rights reserved



Sam Gleason Albany, New York

The Weird Apples
DeadLight Poets
Olsen Court

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Track Name: I'll Be Alright
Well, I woke up with a headache
My mind was running on empty
And I went to class and struggled
With the thinking and the anxiety
I don't dislike you
I'm just in no mood to speak
I've had a shitty day
But don't worry about me cause

I'll be alright
I'll be alright
I'll be alright
I'll be alright
I'll be alright
I'll be alright
I'll be alright

Well, I've lost a lot of sleep
And misplaced a lot of weight
I can't remember to eat
When I'm always running late
It may sound like I'm complaining
But I really don't mind it
So if you're looking for what my problem is
I doubt that you will find it


I feel I'm falling but I'm waiting for that gravity shift
The force that pulls me down's the same force that'll give me a lift
I know you're probably in the right
Just let me be cause

Track Name: Silence
Silence is misunderstood
Silence comes bad or comes good
It's the moment of shock
Or peace within the tranquil woods
And you know I'm not messing around
When I tell you silence has a sound
If you wait till one a.m. in the desert night,
You lay down in the sand and close your eyes

You hear silence
And all of that previous violence
Is lost in this grievious silence
I feel an increasing in my sense

Silence is prayer or defeat
Quiet, girl, you'll get us both seen
But there's a narrow line
Holding back the beauty queen
So a screech breaks gold apart
What once was peace is now nostalgia art
But if you long to be numb and be quiet, too
Close off your skull and follow through


Oh, what a noisy road
Where tranquility is such a rarity
Give me some silence, hon, and go
Help yourself to my every penny

Track Name: Had A Plan
Let's take a walk down the busy boulevard
No need to talk, just admire where we are
An array of people fill this gorgeous street
They've all got places that they've gotta be
Seems we're the only ones enjoying the view
No place to go, yeah, what we want is what we'll do
It's true

I had a plan today
But at the very last minute
I threw it away
I had a plan today
Till I decided to go
With spontaneity

It's nice sometimes to sit on the side and watch
The busy people running about, slaves to the clock
And no one stops to see the grand decor
It seems their destination means much more
But we'll just sit on the side and soak it in,
And talk about these two ways of living
What a sin

Track Name: Rare Feeling
Lean forward, stand on the edge
It's a beautiful view, but if you slip you'll be dead
Written in the fine print of your indulgences
Is a warning that this pleasure always comes with a risk
If you're up to take the test
Untouchable and blessed
You'll ride it out 'cause you don't have a motive

He's got a thing for the darker side of life
You get a certain thrill from looking death dead in its eyes
That rush of calm you get to feel before you die
Is a very rare feeling to find

Hang loosely, don't be so careless
If you fall and hit the floor we'll have to clean up your mess
Everybody's worried 'bout their own grievances
Nobody knows their neighbors, blind to east and the west
Well, if tunnel vision's all you've got
Wouldn't you rather be shot
Than to take in what you know is best


Help me, lady, she's a-gonna take her sweet time
Her sweet time
Help me, lady, means nothing to my lone mind
My lone mind

Track Name: Mass Amusement
A public-friendly repertoire
To pump in the machine
The formulas for basic patterns
That induce dopamine
And if you ever bare your soul
To the big guys on top
They'll turn you down, pay you no mind
'Cause they only want one crop

Mass amusement
Grand illusion
I will throw on a smile,
Make it worth your while
So pour chardonnay for the radio play
Of the chants that we'll trap in your heads day by day
Mass amusement

So here's a mindless, catchy beat
That I just made today
It's fresh out of the factory
But I'll first need my pay
Risky business is frowned upon
Your art's called a sham
Is not on the plan


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