by Sam Gleason

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released May 20, 2017

Written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Sam Gleason
Co-produced by Jon Pascone
Co-engineered by Kevin Bohen and Matt DeLaus



all rights reserved


Sam Gleason Albany, New York

The Weird Apples
DeadLight Poets
Olsen Court

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Track Name: People
He said, 'Son, you're kind of out of place
You should see the looks on their faces
I know your kind, I know your type
You hate empty promises from all this hype
You're looking for a place of new tradition
A place where you can just ease the tension
You're always asking bitter questions
Wondering when you can leave the nest, yeah.'

Where are all the people
I've read about?
Shall I take a leap, oh?
Are they hidden underground?
If you're out there, people
Can you shout?
Where do you keep, oh?
Tell me what it's all about.

And so I replied with a shaky voice,
'You read my mind, I have no choice
I'm packing my bags, I'm leaving tonight
I'm not supposed to be on this flight
I'm heading out to find my people
They'll help me out if I'm not able
Thank you for all that you've done
I think by now we've already won
Yeah, we've won.'


I know you're out there
'Cause you're certainly not here
I know I'm one of you
I have no fear.

I can't see the raven, but I hear it singing
I'm getting close and my ears are ringing
Keep walking through grass and cracked cement
'Cause when you reach your people, there'll be no lament
They'll invite you in, they'll welcome you
You'll be able to naturally compute
And finally you'll have found your home
Until you wish to be alone.

Track Name: My Dirty Mind
A couple days post-phony phase
In a dark room with crossed legs
Don't enlighten it just yet
Take advantage of your current state of blindness.

I think you think that I think too much
And I think your thought might be right
To live a truth that is loose in my youth
I need to cleanse out my dirty mind
My dirty mind.

Ignorance is bliss, it's true
Life's easier to comprehend when you don't know that it's happening to you
Plans are just gonna fall apart
So compose your story like it's abstract art.


Don't seek out your entitlement
It'll stumble upon you or you'll stumble upon it
There's no such thing as elements
But I hope you find yours before you decide to quit.

Track Name: Idle Brain (ft. MORT)
Technicolor television speak to me
Show me all the people that I wish I could be
Show me all the people that I'm glad I'm not
Why's it feel so good to just sit here and rot?
To just sit here and rot.

Your mind is under my control
You'll trade your sorrows for your soul
Just eat your chips and watch your show
Forever, here we go.

Gossip magazine tell me who's skinny and fat
Success that isn't me deserves to be laughed at
Distract me from my own twisted gluttony
Ignorance is bliss, make me blind and happy
Make me blind and happy.

Your mind is under my control
You'll trade your sorrows for your soul
Drink your coffee and judge the poll
On people you don't know.

My, oh my, it's been a long day
So I think I'll waste the night away
It's a sad life when joy is an idle brain.

I've got an idle brain so I can hide away and say
The time it takes to find your place is just a giant waste
And I don’t lie awake when lies awake the guys who try to hate
I’m just saying, there isn’t a lot I’m tryna say
Anyway, complacency is the place to be
I’ll make sure to fall in line like a-b-c-d-e-f-g
And I can find some time to spread some hate and animosity
And I’m fine with a broken spine as long as there’s a plate for me
A piece of the pie I eat on my own
I keep to myself, don’t need no help I’m alone
I got my eyes to my phone and my phone to my palm
I’m not tryna look around don’t need to know what’s going on
Just let me sit and rot
And hit some pot
And think no thoughts
And plant no plots
So reap no crops
And ipso facto, get forgot.

Your mind is under my control
You'll trade your sorrows for your soul
Take the shit you don't need to know
Become the horde, and just follow
The easy way to go.

Technicolor television speak to me
Show me all the people that I wish I could be
There's nothing I can do but just sit here and dream
And justify why I never did anything.
Track Name: I Thought They Were Wolves
Dragging weight up a muddy hill
As the drizzle turns to a downfall
What are you gonna do when they come searching for you
And your wife and daughter's gone?
You scared them away in a drunken rage
'Cause the wolves were eating your sheep
And so you grab your gun, you are the only one
Who can protect your family's keep.

Weep over your handiwork
Guilt and death begin to lurk
You quickly try to justify,
'I thought they were wolves!'
You yell into the sky.

Ran into the woods 'cause you heard a stick break
Those wolves would get it now
You aim and you fire, the situation was dire
When you saw you shot your spouse
And your daughter saw and began to shout
So you panicked and you shot her too
And then the rain, it fell as you slipped into this hell
What are you gonna do?


You start to dig a shallow grave
You've been to jail before and that is not your place
You loved them both with all of your heart
They'd want you to get a new start
They'd want you to get a new start
They'd want you to get a new start.


He put the gun up to his head
'Goodbye, cruel world, I'd rather be dead!'
Track Name: Wheel (ft. Maria Malafronte)
I asked you quietly, 'Is this how you want to be?'
Well, I told you politely, 'Just let me be'
I said to your face, 'Leave me alone'
I know that time will pass, and you'll change your tone

I would like to think it's over
But we've only just begun
Because the wheel just keeps a-spinning
We probably won't ever be done
We'll just keep taking a break
See how much more we can take
Before the wheel comes around again
The wheel comes around again
The wheel comes around again.

This is wrong, but it feels so right
Why don't I take you home tonight?
Do I want to find myself there again?
Right now I could really use a friend
Then we'll wake up and hate what we've done
Another failed attempt at avoiding that one.


I hate to love you
I love to hate you
Every door that I think is new
Leads me to you.

Track Name: Charcoal Heart
Hold your silver locket
Keep it in your pocket
Even though that boy is off the market
You can play the ragged peasant
Try hard to be pleasant
Your cries for me or for anyone are deafening
You see what you tossed away then
Rises again
Your eyes saw sunrise
But you stayed in bed.

Charcoal heart
Never fell apart
But caught fire in the dark
Inferno valve
Eternal doubt
If something as dark and as cold as that charcoal
Could burst into embers and flames that sparkle
Then how could I expect this?

Her expired v-card
Gets seen by a police car
And they're holding her back so she cannot see far
You see what she tossed away then
Rises again
Her eyes saw sunrise
But she stayed in bed.


You see what she tossed away then
Rises again
Her eyes saw sunrise
But she stayed in bed.

Track Name: Eleven
Meeting all the creatures that you didn't want to see
Call them gods or demons, doesn't matter at all to me
Isolate your senses and take this LSD
There's a world below us we weren't ever supposed to see.

It's in your head
But it tends to slither out every now and then
Comes as a part of yourself
It's in your head
You could keep it there until they strapped you to that chair
They pushed that part of you out.

Roaming through the darkness goes your reckless Mr. Hyde
Taking all its victims for all the years it's had to hide
Cautions weren't made when they tampered with your mind
Helped them free a dark side that they didn't want to find.

Track Name: This Knight, too
My own heartbeat gives me a headache
There's something about it that makes me wish it'd go away
Go away
And my own smile makes my head sick
Littered with thoughts like, 'Do I really deserve this?'
Deserve this
And what's the brain and heart
When they're drifting apart?
And what good is a door
When it's bolted to the floor?
There's something in my mind
That always clicks rewind
But I try to ban these thoughts from my head.

We are on fire tonight
We'll pull the plug to help it burn so bright
Right this wrong, or wrong this right
The shining armor's been stripped from this knight.

I know we kept on saying we were gonna pull though
But we have an issue
And it's not something new
And I know we kept on saying we would leave this behind
But it's still on my mind
And it's still on your mind
I hear you run, heard you scream and shout
If I'm being real honest, kind of freaked me out
But this is my home and I'm here to stay
Is it best to just fall to my knees and pray?

Track Name: Phoenix
Out of the loop
So we're not spooked
By sparks of truth
You'll close the door
Covered in decor
To distract us from your war
Till you finish building what's in store.

All hail the queen
She's so serene
Soaked in kerosene
She'll light the flame
And burn away
Only to rise another day
Killing phoenixes is not easy.

Will you play the game
Or be restrained?
No room for change
Will you play the game
Or be restrained?

A printed smile
Photo with a child
Make the gimmick last a while
Stacked benjamins
In counts of ten
Make the phoenix rise again
Endless cycles where she came and went.


I'm already sick
Of these antics
And being tricked
It is quite a shame
You gotta play the game
To beat the phoenix
Following the rules when they're not explained
Do you have now shame?

Track Name: Trampolines
Sitting in the waiting room
While gears around me turn
Was told they'd come to get me
But it seems I'm left to burn
When will I learn?
This is gonna hurt.

Things are never quite what they seem
When the grass is blue and the sky is green
You've got your people bouncing on trampolines
Try not to make a scene.

Looking over my shoulder
I've been doing it for days
Where's the extra room
When 'friendly's just a phase?
When wil I learn?
This is gonna hurt.


So break a sweat
And don't forget
To hide what you mean
A masquerade
Of hats, berets
And anything to hide your face
Just try not to make a scene.

When will I learn?
This is gonna hurt.

Track Name: Tiny Squares
I feel this new age sinking in
A different wave I'm thinking in
This billboard fires at my head
Empty messages I must have read.

What's an opinion
To a media minion?
You were calling the shots
But now you've got a lot
Of distractions on your glowing screen
To break apart the flow of your stream.

Message failed to send
This is not the end.

And your tiny squares
Make you forget where
You are
I don't know where it begins
But it shuts you in
And you can't get very far.

There's a hole in this conversation piece
There's a new way to draw a boundary
They upload pixels to my head
But I'd rather have my own thoughts instead.

Message failed to send
This is not the end.

Track Name: Till You Make It
Push back the answers
All hail the romancers
Of gimmicks and lies
Field by gorgeous dancers.

Mind over matter
Falls down the ladder

Caught by the sparkle
Of tacky display
Limelight for prophets
Is carried away.

Mind over matter
Falls down the ladder

Love or hatred
Nothing's sacred
Fake it till you make it.

By puppeteers, hated
By those that they hide from
They won't be degraded.

Mind over matter
Falls down the ladder

Track Name: Hold On (ft. Maria Southworth)
Hold on
Take me for another spin
I'll lose my grip one of these days.

Hold on
'Cause I don't want to lose you
It acts up everyday
Losing the rest of my faith.

Hold on
Tired eyes try to fake a smile
Even if it is just for a while
And I'll try to stop time
And I'll try to stop time
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on.
Track Name: Exit Song
Plane's flying
A baby's crying
Think I'll throw on my headphones
Pick a track
Then I think back
To the goodbyes not too long ago
Years spent
With the same old friends
And the same unease
With the same enemies
Now they're memories
Now they're memories
Far behind me
Far behind me.

And this is my exit song
Yeah, this is my exit song
Yeah, this is my exit song
Yeah, this is my exit song
So long.

Plane's landing
I'm just understanding
That something is really over
A tinge of
Sadness hits me
Makes me wish I wasn't sober
Main players are written off
They get no more lines, not even a cough
Now this time is done
Now this time is done
But I think I'll watch the re-runs.