One Take, Room 8

by Sam Gleason

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I wrote and recorded this entire album in my dormroom during my freshman year of college. The reason I made paying for this album optional is simply because my only motive behind making it was to keep my creative mind working throughout the stressful college life I was experiencing. There was no commercial purpose behind the making of this music at all. As of now, I'm completely self-taught when it comes to pro tools, so the production quality may be a little limited. The album contains a wide variety of genres, as I have a wide variety of influences.


released May 27, 2014

written, produced, and mixed by Sam Gleason
drums by Will Hahn on tracks 3, 7, and 8
cello by James Negron on track 10
vocals by Tiffany Green on track 9
vocals, guitar, piano, bass, and cigar-box by Sam Gleason



all rights reserved


Sam Gleason Albany, New York

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Track Name: Swivel Yo Hips
"Ladies and gentlemen, it's come to my attention that some of you have been partaking in a disgusting form of rude, risqué dancing. Let me make this clear. There will be no grinding, no twerking, and absolutely no swiveling of the hips."

Swivel yo hips and break it down
Grooving out all night long
We'll party till the cops come make us stop
But till then the night is young

So swivel yo hips and break it down
Grooving out all night long
We don't give a damn bout what you think
Just bob yo head to the song.
Track Name: Walls
I'm being hard on myself
I'm more thoughtful now, but less careful
And I'm being hard on myself
Who else am I gonna beat up
But myself cause it's only my fault.

And this self-inflicting pain,
This self-destructive way,
Is building up a callus
So I'm not phased by the malice

I build a wall
Cause I can fall
In anyway I please, but
There's nothing left
Not a measly spec
So I'm taking a hammer and
Breaking down all of my walls
Yeah, I'm taking a hammer and
Breaking down all of my walls.

For God's sake
How did I break
Into this cycle
I never made it my goal
And I'm being hard on myself
That's something I gotta stop
The habit's as hard to break as a rock.

Cause the shambles of my old life
Help me see the light
And now I want to make things right
So where is the hammer?
Give me the hammer.
Track Name: Loose Cannon
Here comes the girl in the pretty, blue dress
She loves the party but hates the mess
You spill your words, she'll be wiping them clean
She's a machine, but she don't know what that means.

She's a heavy thinker
Gets lost in her thoughts
Makes her a heavy drinker
But not over the top
She's a mind-eraser
In case you forgot
She's a loose cannon
Man, you better talk to her again.

She's always on the move, roaming around
She doesn't talk much, rarely makes a sound
Closed windows, thoughts hot-box her mind
And she'll go crazy if she doesn't unwind.
Track Name: Idle Brain
Technicolor television speak to me
Show me all the people that I wish I could be
Show me all the people that I'm glad I'm not
Why's it feel so good to just sit here and rot?

Your mind is under my control
You'll trade your sorrows for your soul
Just eat your chips and watch your show
Forever here we go.

Gossip magazine tell me who's skinny and fat
Success that isn't me deserves to be laughed at
Distract me from my own twisted gluttony
Ignorance is bliss, make me blind and happy.

Your mind is under my control
You'll trade your sorrows for your soul
Drink your coffee and judge the poll
On people you don't know.

My, oh my, it's been a long day
So I think I'll waste the night away
It's a sad life when joy is an idle brain
An idle brain.

Your mind is under my control
You'll trade you sorrows for your soul
Take the shit you don't need to know
Become the hoard and just follow
The easy way to go.

Technicolor television speak to me
Show me all the people that I wish I could be
There's nothing I can do but just sit here and dream
And justify why I never did anything.
Track Name: Pull Through
A tidal wave will strike my face
If I don't find a nation
So I better not get wetter
Cause of one small misplacement
There'll be the friends, there'll be the girl
There'll be the life to live in
But until I find my nation,
Please hear me when I'm saying

I've travelled to all around
And the timer is a-ticking
Cause Father Time's abilities
Are forces one must reckon
So I'll push myself to endless means
To earn my own respect and
You will get an invitation
To my graduation,
But till the I'm gonna lay low.

You could say that I'm chilling
I'm kicking it back
Noticing the world
And picking up slack
I'm chilling
What else can I do?
Searching for my nation,
Or waiting for it to pull through

The industry's a fickle piece of work
Hey, hey
Filled with demographics and the works
Hey, hey
Though mapping it out isn't ideal
I get up after every meal
And I say, say

I'm waiting for you,
I hope you're waiting for me
At the last station, my nation
Finally sees
Not another product, dumb luck,
Or a viral disease
But the perfect cog for their
Money-making machine
But this cog's a little busy
And it's chilling with me
Yeah, we're laying down low.
Track Name: Guerrilla Heart [Intermission]
Track Name: I Thought They Were Wolves
Dragging weight up a muddy hill
As the drizzle turns to a downfall
What are you gonna do
When they come searching for you
And your wife and daughter's gone?
You scared them away in a drunken rage
Cause the wolves were eating your sheep
And so you grab your gun
You are the only one
Who can protect your family's keep.

Weep over your handiwork
Guilt and death begin to lurk
You quickly try to justify
"I thought they were wolves!" you yell into the sky.

Ran into the woods because you heard a crack
Those wolves would get it now
You aim and you fire
The situation was dire
When you saw you shot your spouse
And your daughter saw, and she began to shout
So you panicked and you shot her, too
And then the rain, it fell
As you slipped into this hell
What are you gonna do?


You start to dig a shallow grave
You've been to jail before and that is not your place
You loved them both with all of your heart
They'd want you to get a new start
They'd want you to get a new start
They'd want you to get a new start.

He put the gun up to his head
"Goodbye, cruel world. I'd rather be dead!"
Track Name: This Knight, too
My own heartbeat gives me a headache
There's something about it
That makes me wish it'd go away
Go away
My own smile makes my head sick
Littered with thoughts like,
"Do I really deserve this?"
Deserve this.

And what's the brain and heart
When they're drifting apart?
And what good is a door
When it's bolted to the floor?
There's something in my mind
That always clicks rewind
But I try to ban these thoughts from my head.

We are on fire tonight
We'll pull the plug to help it burn so bright
Right this wrong, or wrong this right
The shining armor's been stripped from this knight.

I know we kept on saying we were gonna pull through
But we have an issue
And it's not something new
And I know we kept on saying we would leave this behind
But it's still on my mind
And it's still on your mind.

I heard you run, heard you scream and shout
If I'm being real honest, kind of freaked me out
But this is my home and I'm here to stay
Best to just fall to my knees and pray.
Track Name: Comes Around Again
-I asked you quietly, "Is this how you wanna be?"
-I told you politely, "Just let me be."
-I said to your face, "leave me alone."
-I know time will pass, and you'll change your tone

I would like to think it's over
But we've only just begun
Because the wheel just keeps a-spinning
We probably won't ever be done
We'll just keep taking a break,
See how much more we can take
Before the wheel comes around again
The wheel comes around again
The wheel comes around again.

-This is wrong, but it feels so right. Why don't I take you home tonight?
-Do I want to find myself there again? Right now I could use a friend.
Then we'll wake up and hate what we've done
Another failed attempt at avoiding that one


-I love to hate you but it might be the vice versa
-I hate to love you but it might be the vice versa
Every door that I think is new
Leads me to you.
Track Name: No Man
A man of higher status
Will forget what good and bad is
And a mass of his priorities
Will be swept out to sea
If we look at the statistics
Power makes you go ballistic
But if you know yourself the same way
You know your obsession, you'll be ok.

And as you travel to these places far away
You'll look around and suddenly feel the urge to stay
Just remember who you are, the Great Nomad
Just remember you're the one who answers to no man
No man, no man

Someone's trailing behind you
Someone's trying to find you
But you've vanished from the map
Avoided all their traps, and
Now it's getting lonely
You're the one and only
Why do masses seem so alien
When you are not a part of them?


But introversion's awful lonely
With no one left around to calm your screams
And at times the only thought in your head is,
"Someone hold me"
Oh, how you long to suffer with the rest.
Track Name: Shadow Land
Walk through the streets to see
The lizard monsters stalking their prey
These are the things that you
Don't see in precious comfort of day
Look in the alley you can
See a hidden community
Here in the dark, there's
No more hiding where you cannot see

You've entered a shadow land
Of fascinating trash
Look around and enjoy the show
Cause it will be over fast
Cause come sunrise, crime don't pay
And the city will come out clean
But who wants that anyway?
Don't you love the adrenalin?

There is a quiet that is
Peaceful and unsettling
That noise you heard just now is
Not something to blame on the wind
It makes you paranoid, you
Look around with a nervous glance
Tonight's the night where you
Will get to see the shadows dance


It's a shadow land
It's a shadow land
It's a shadow land
It's a shadow land
It's a shadow land
It's a shadow land.
Track Name: No Turning Back Now
Maybe I'm in over my head
Despite all of the books that I've read
And maybe,
There's nothing left for me
Maybe I'm not cut out for you
Maybe this is a pointless pursuit
But I don't care,
I wan't you here with me

We've got ourselves in quite the stalemate,
It's time I break the ice
It's me and you or nothing, baby
How can I make you enticed?
I'm on this road with you
There's no turning back now,
So what do you wanna do?

You're always just out of my reach
I go for a bite, but it's just a tease
But I will not rest
Till somebody comforts me
Victory was never this bitter
But I've never been known to be the quitter
It's a one-way street
Will our eyes ever meet?


Oh yes, I've been dumb
But hey, I have my days
I grow cold and numb
When I just sit and wait
One of these days I'm gonna
Finally break through
One of these days I'm gonna
Break right through to you.